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Jonathon D. Warner

To say that Bill helped us successfully execute a massive project in record time in the midst of the global pandemic is an understatement. His unerring insight and experience cannot be overemphasized. Bill pushed us to achieve our goals with patience and persistence and was always a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough. …Read MoreJonathon D. Warner

How to Never Fall for a Phishing Scam

We all know that digital con artists are on the rise as working and schooling from home look more long-term than we thought just a few months ago. From trolls and “deep fakes” on virtually all social media platforms, to ransomware and screen hijacks, to increasingly sophisticated email phishing scams, …Read More

Help Your Clients Navigate Their Uncertainty

Last month, I addressed why and how to consciously develop increased self-leadership in this unique period of collective uncertainty. This month, I encourage you to explore the question “How can I help my clients navigate the continuing uncertainty they’re facing?” Whether your practice is booming or hurting as a result of the pandemic’s impact …Read More

Hon. Douglas Mintz (Ret.)

I went to Bill to help me develop my practice and business plan. He had me hit the ground running. He is brilliant in his ability to give me the confidence to try new concepts and actually perform them. I value Bill’s advice and guidance and believe that the success I achieve in the private sector will be largely a result of my work with Bill. …Read MoreHon. Douglas Mintz (Ret.)

Robert Simpson

My practice is devoted to high-stakes products liability defense, mostly for large publicly traded companies. The work load, focus, and hours are demanding. Bill’s practical coaching guidance has been instrumental in elevating my overall game – especially with respect to how I’m handling my precious non-billable time. I’m better at …Read More

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