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Stephen J. Conover

[Bill’s] understanding of both human nature and how work flows through a legal practice let him pin-point what I needed to start doing – and what I needed to stop doing – to give myself breathing room. . . . Bottom line is that Bill is an outstanding practice advisor and I recommend him without reservation. …Read MoreStephen J. Conover

Marcia N. Needleman

. . . I’ve found [Bill’s] advice and resources in the area of hiring and performance reviews to be especially valuable. Like every other lawyer I know, I didn’t go to law school to become an HR manager, but Bill has helped me place the right amount of emphasis on the management of my team to the benefit of everyone in my firm. …Read MoreMarcia N. Needleman

Robin Smith

Bill’s training was packed with practical, usable content that has made a significant difference in the workflow of our legal department. Simply put, our attorneys and staff are completing matters more efficiently, and they’re working with each other, our clients, and outside counsel more effectively. Bill knows his stuff and …Read More

Shanlon Wu

My partner and I have grown quickly and Bill continues to make vital contributions by guiding us in the set-up and management of financial, HR, client development, and other key systems that we didn’t exactly know how to focus on by ourselves. I would advise any lawyer seeking to improve their firm to consult him. …Read MoreShanlon Wu

Michael Perrucci

Like many fast growing law firms, we struggled with the challenges of managing dozens of strong, independent personalities. We knew we wanted to get ahead of the curve on issues such as equity and compensation, decision-making authority, and which practice areas to grow. Fortunately, we heard about Bill through the …Read More

Nica Strunk

You know law, but Jawitz knows the business of law. He has helped me with everything from rate-setting to website development, networking, strategic business planning, time management, and more. What makes Bill so helpful is that his exhaustive knowledge of business theory and practice is complemented by a deep understanding …Read More

I maintain a deep library of hundreds of best-of-breed checklists, templates, guides, and white papers on every aspect of managing a legal practice and law firm, from lawyer marketing plans, to hiring process checklists, to alternative fee engagement letters.

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