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There are hundreds of books devoted to law firm development and practice management. The books here have consistently been rated by my clients as being very valuable.

Time Management

The Time Trap, by Alec MacKenzie. This is THE classic from which most modern time management programs derive. It’s specific, clear, and loaded with practical checklists for structuring your approach to planning, managing interruptions, prioritizing, etc. Amazon link to The Time Trap

First Things First, by Stephen Covey. This summary makes the case for breaking “the tyranny of the urgent” and attending to matters that will yield the highest returns. Amazon Link to First Things First.


Rainmaking Made Simple, by Mark Maraia. The author delivers highly engaging and accessible advice in a personal, friendly tone for those ready to develop the rainmaking mindset. Its 48 compact chapters present the true heart and soul of rainmaking. Amazon link to Rainmaking Made Simple

Rain Making: The Professional’s Guide to Attracting New Clients, by Ford Harding. Still THE classic in the increasingly crowded field of texts on rainmaking. Amazon link to Rainmaking

Value-Based Fees: How to Charge and Get What You’re Worth, by Alan Weiss. Though written for consultants, the book provides an excellent framework for thinking about how to identify your highest value to your clients and how to speak with them about that value.Amazon link to Value-Based Fees


Paralegals, Profitability, and the Future of Your Law Practice, by Arthur Greene and Therese Cannon: The top resource on how to use and leverage paralegals to maximize client service and profitability. Amazon link to Paralegals, Profitability

Collection Management Handbook: The Art of Getting Paid, by Michael Coleman. Specific instructions on how to interact with debtors effectively, ethically, and legally, from the psychology of resistance to actual phone scripts and letters (as well as when and how to turn to a collection agency). The best overall resource available on this key topic. Amazon link to Collection Management Handbook

Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour: Strategies That Work, by James Calloway and Mark Robertson. Covers the entire range of fee structures and how to introduce them to your clients. Includes outstanding collection of model fee agreements for all the approaches presented. Amazon link to Winning Alternatives

Law Practice Today online articles covering profitability, alternative billing, etc. Link to archived articles


How to Recruit and Hire the Best: A Checklist for Success in Hiring Employees, by Susan M. Heathfield Click here

Employee Orientation: Keeping New Employees on Board, by Judith Brown. Read this and other articles, which, while not geared to the law firm, are highly instructive on how to effectively (or not) bring new personnel on board. Click here

Ten Ways to Retain Your Great Employees, by Susan M. Heathfield Click here

Client Service

Customer Service Training 101: Quick And Easy Techniques That Get Great Results, by Renee Evenson. Specific, practical, and critically important training for staff on how to engage clients positively. Amazon link to Customer Service Training 101

The Trusted Advisor, by David Maister, et.al. An excellent discussion of the importance of trust, how to grow it, and how it operates in a professional services relationship. Amazon link to The Trusted Advisor


Easy Self-Audits for the Busy Law Office, by Nancy Byerly Jones. Dozens of helpful checklists to help you assess how you’re doing in key areas such as client service, office management systems and procedures, and support staff management. ABA Bookstore link to Easy Self Audits

Technology Articles: Excellent collection of Law Practice Today online articles covering hardware, software, web resources, and other technology. Link to ABA LPM tech articles

Personal Growth

The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook, by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. Particularly useful for attorneys, this easy-to-read, high-impact text explains “emotional intelligence,” how to increase it, and how to apply it to foster more effective and satisfying business relationships. Amazon link to EQ Quickbook

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long Term Fulfillment, by George Leonard. A concise and powerful explanation of why it’s so difficult to master a new set of behaviors – and how you can do it successfully. Amazon link to Mastery

Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life, by Steven Keeva: Keeva, a senior editor of the ABA Journal, presents seven different approaches to “integrating heart and mind” into the practice of law. His examples and discussion provide concrete yet transformative ways to deepen personal and professional satisfaction for lawyers. Amazon link to Transorming Practices


The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber. An absolute must-read for solos and small firm owners. Lays out the critical distinction between working IN your practice and working ON your practice, and why you need to do both. Also explains the Technician-Manager-Entrepreneur model and how to put it in place effectively. Amazon link to E-Myth Revisited

The Five Dysfunctions of A Team: A Leadership Fable, by Patrick Lencioni. Another easy-to-read but extremely powerful book by the author of Death By Meeting. Lencioni reveals the root cause of so much organizational distress and then shows how any group of people can learn to build trust, engage in healthy conflict, increase buy-in, hold each other accountable, and focus on results. Amazon link to The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Think Again: Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law, by Jeffrey Nischwitz. This is the best new book to be published on growing and running a law firm in several years. It’s insightful, comprehensive, and unusually well written. ABA Bookstore link to The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Master Change, Maximize Success: Effective Strategies for Realizing Your Goals, by Rebecca Potts and Jeanenne LaMarsh. Very practical approach to understanding and executing the process of organizational change. Topics include building buy-in, dealing with resistance, setting timetables, and maintaining effective communication throughout the process. Amazon link to Master Change

I maintain a deep library of hundreds of best-of-breed checklists, templates, guides, and white papers on every aspect of managing a legal practice and law firm, from lawyer marketing plans, to hiring process checklists, to alternative fee engagement letters.

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