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Mary Schinke

…Bill understands the challenges of practicing law, and he helps his clients flourish through a holistic approach to life while practicing law…. Working with Bill creates the space to explore and implement practices to enhance the way we work and the way we live. In my case, this has made for for happy clients and one very happy lawyer! …Read MoreMary Schinke

Three Up-Front Clarifications That Preempt Client Problems

  Problems with clients often arise from a lack of clarity and communication up-front.   Clearly defining scope, responsibilities and paying attention to communication logistics could end up saving you a ton of time and money.   Here are three strategies to help make sure you’re setting the stage for …Read More

Karen A. Mignone

….Bill worked with me to evaluate my marketing strategies and separated the methods that worked from those that provided little or no return….I nearly tripled my originations within the first year, and continued building volume at a rate of more than 20 percent per year over the next few years, and all while using my marketing time much more efficiently. …Read MoreKaren A. Mignone

Jonathan Katz

As president of our firm, I’ve been dealing with the transition and modernization issues common to small firms founded by lawyers who are reaching the end of their careers. It has not been easy work, and Bill Jawitz has been a very helpful consultant. Bill combines in one smart, engaged, …Read More

Randy Pitler

I’m now getting regular press on the topic of amicable divorce, I have the best staff I’ve ever had, I’ve raised my rates, and I’m more focused than ever — all thanks largely to the accountability that working with Bill brings. As I get more comfortable running the business — …Read More

Eric Gang

I worked with Success Track Esq for almost a year. During that time Bill was invaluable in helping us develop a team-oriented mindset. His insights into law firm management have completely changed my outlook on how to practice law. Bill truly offers a comprehensive approach to balancing law and life. …Read More

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