Practice Development Quick Reads For February 2020

How to Welcome New Clients into Your Practice

Many problems with clients – perhaps even most – can be traced back to an all-too-frequent practice management oversight: they were never properly welcomed into your practice.  Conversely, attorneys who provide new clients with a well-thought out welcome packet spend less time answering unnecessary questions, have fewer headaches, and more satisfied clients. 

And they’re more profitable as a result. At a minimum, new clients should receive a basic packet (or at least a welcome letter) in which you address common questions such as typical steps and time frames, who to contact on your staff, your communications policies, etc. Packets can also contain resources to help educate the client about the general realm of their legal matter, and, specifically, what they can expect in working with you.

The more effectively you welcome new clients, the fewer problems you’ll face down the line. If you don’t have a welcome packet, this is a perfect new year project. If you do have one, it’s a great time to improve it. Start by asking your administrative assistant and/or paralegal to create a list of what they think should be contained in the packet/letter.

Explain that the goal is to provide as much information as necessary to answer the most predictable client questions before they arise and to set appropriate client expectations. Set a specific meeting time to go over the list.

Then, at the meeting, do two things:

  1. determine which items on the list are important enough to include in the first version of your packet; and
  2. set a basic project timeline for having that first/next version ready to go by, say, April 1st.

The key is to get in motion and start the process.


Finding Joy at Work: Use Your Values as Your Map

If you’re feeling dissatisfied in your legal practice, taking a step back and re-evaluating how you got here and where you want to be might be the key to finding that spark again. 


How I Stopped Taking Unscheduled Calls

Understanding what your clients really need and taking control of your calendar is the key to mastering what calls you take, and when. There are valuable tactics to be learned here


There’s Power in a Little Thank You

It seems like a simple thing – and it is – but it pays major dividends with your team and your clients. Here are several helpful suggestions for how to express your appreciation and cement your professional relationships.

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