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"Bill helped me create a much more efficient structure for organizing and managing my clients’ demands, and for generally handling the competing priorities I faced (and still face) on a daily basis."

Stephen J. Conover
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While it is common to speak about “time management,” the simple truth is that you cannot manage time.  No one can.  Time just is.  We pass through it.  We can’t make more time or find more time.  We just have the minutes and hours and days that we have on this earth. 

Yet, we can learn to manage ourselves more effectively– our behaviors, our choices – as we move through each day, even when the day is jam packed.

And that’s what I’ve helped hundreds of attorneys do: manage themselves more effectively so that they manage their days more efficiently — so they don’t feel as crunched as they used to by interruptions, conflicting priorities and systemic inefficiencies. 

The inescapable truth is that there will always be more things that you could do – or even “should” do – on a given day than there is time available in which to do them.  And depending on your practice area and firm culture, you may even have a workload of seeming (or actual) non-negotiable deadlines that you can’t physically get to even if you were superhuman. 

Irrespective of your situation, I can tell you that there are eight essential skill sets, or elements, to develop in order to improve your productivity and lower your stress.

I have winnowed down from literally hundreds of tools, books, and programs on time management and productivity the dozen or so that work for 90% of attorneys, whether they practice high-volume litigation or focus on specialized transactions, and whether their natural wiring leans toward perfectionistic delay or “shiny object” inattention to follow-though.  These tools and techniques are not magic bullets, of course.  But they give you concrete solutions to build competence in the 8 essential elements. 

You can figure out where to start focusing your efforts to become more productive by completing the SuccessTrackESQ Time Management Self-Assessment.  If you want to go over your results, call me at 203.806.1300



I maintain a deep library of hundreds of best-of-breed checklists, templates, guides, and white papers on every aspect of managing a legal practice and law firm, from lawyer marketing plans, to hiring process checklists, to alternative fee engagement letters.

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