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Do you want to use your time more productively? Land more A-level clients? Manage your people more effectively? Or just enjoy your practice and your life more? If so, I can help. I’ve coached hundreds of attorneys to achieve those very outcomes over the past 18 years. I invite you to download my Practice Development Resource Pack (below), check out my six focus areas (below), read what my clients say — and then to contact me with your questions.

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  • Jonathon Warner SuccessTrackESQ Testimonial

    To say that Bill helped us successfully execute a massive project in record time in the midst of the global pandemic is an understatement. His unerring insight and experience cannot be overemphasized. Bill pushed us to achieve our goals with patience and persistence and was always a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough. …Read MoreJonathon D. Warner

    Jonathon D. Warner
    Contingent Commercial Litigation, Judgment Collection
    Warner & Scheuerman
    New York, NY
  • norman powell success track esq testimonial

    Bill Jawitz is among the most gifted presenters I’ve encountered in my thirty years of practice. He clearly and engagingly presents compelling content. And my experience of his Time Management for Lawyers program was limited to telephonically-delivered audio – I look forward to attending a live presentation once the COVID-19 shutdown is relaxed. …Read MoreNorman M. Powell

    Norman M. Powell
    Business Transactions, Entity Governance
    Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP
    Wilmington, DE
  • Laura Weintraub Beck Success Track ESQ Testimonial

    Bill makes what could be a dry subject very approachable, and he has a way of making you recognize flaws and bad habits with humor so the end result is uplifting rather than deflating. I truly believe we will see significant increased productivity as a result of the program and I know many of us are already happier and less-stressed with our practices. …Read MoreLaura Weintraub Beck

    Laura Weintraub Beck
    Principal and Chairman, Private Clients Group
    Cummings & Lockwood LLC
    Greenwich, CT
  • bonnie schinagle successtrack esq testimonial

    I got so much out of the 90-day jump-start coaching program with Bill Jawitz… I was surprised at how much more effective I have become. Bill focused me on collecting outstanding fees and cultivating clients who could pay up front for my services, both areas where I needed to be more proactive. As a result, I’ve brought in more funds, which has allowed me to expand. …Read MoreBonnie Spiro Schinagle

    Bonnie Spiro Schinagle
    Special Education Attorney
    The Law Offices of Bonnie Spiro Schinagle
    Syosset, NY
  • ….We had more attendees than at any other program in recent memory, and afterwards the reviews were glowing…. In an era when interruptions, electronic and otherwise, are becoming harder to ignore, Bill’s step-by step approach to regaining control of our professional lives could not have come at a better time. …Read MoreRobert Benjamin

    Robert Benjamin
    Immediate Past Chair, Executive Committee
    Wiggin & Dana, LLP
    CT, NY, and PA
  • stephen conover success track esq testimonial

    [Bill’s] understanding of both human nature and how work flows through a legal practice let him pin-point what I needed to start doing – and what I needed to stop doing – to give myself breathing room. . . . Bottom line is that Bill is an outstanding practice advisor and I recommend him without reservation. …Read MoreStephen J. Conover

    Legal Malpractice and Greivance Defense
    Carmody, Torrance, Sandak & Hennessey, LLP
    Stamford, CT
  • . . . I’ve found [Bill’s] advice and resources in the area of hiring and performance reviews to be especially valuable. Like every other lawyer I know, I didn’t go to law school to become an HR manager, but Bill has helped me place the right amount of emphasis on the management of my team to the benefit of everyone in my firm. …Read MoreMarcia N. Needleman

    Levitt & Needleman, PC
    Immigration and Nationality Law
    New York, NY

  • shanlon wu success track esq testimonial

    My partner and I have grown quickly and Bill continues to make vital contributions by guiding us in the set-up and management of financial, HR, client development, and other key systems that we didn’t exactly know how to focus on by ourselves. I would advise any lawyer seeking to improve their firm to consult him. …Read MoreShanlon Wu

    White Collar Criminal Defense, Student Defense, and Qui Tam
    Wu, Grohovsky & Whipple, PLLC
    Washington, D.C.
  • mary schinke success track esq bill jawitz testimonial

    …Bill understands the challenges of practicing law, and he helps his clients flourish through a holistic approach to life while practicing law…. Working with Bill creates the space to explore and implement practices to enhance the way we work and the way we live. In my case, this has made for for happy clients and one very happy lawyer! …Read MoreMary Schinke

    Trusts and Estates
    Mary Schinke, Attorney at Law, LLC
    Roxbury, CT
  • ….Bill worked with me to evaluate my marketing strategies and separated the methods that worked from those that provided little or no return….I nearly tripled my originations within the first year, and continued building volume at a rate of more than 20 percent per year over the next few years, and all while using my marketing time much more efficiently. …Read MoreKaren A. Mignone

    Environmental Litigation
    Verrill Dana, LLP
    Providence, RI

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