Taking Care of Clients

Practice Development Quick Reads for December 2017

How People-Pleasing Holds Lawyers Back If you ever find yourself prioritizing what others want over what you know would be the best course of action for yourself, you’re people-pleasing. Kara Loewentheil offers some good suggestions for recognizing this damaging behavior and changing it.     Send Four Thank Yous As my longtime… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads For August 2017

Keeping It Practical: Tips on Pricing, Billing, and Client Communications While your skills and experience as a lawyer are of paramount importance to your clients, your skills as a business person can make the difference between having a successful practice and one that struggles. Mark Robertson offers some valuable tips… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for May 2017

How to Research Potential Hires on Social Media Social media can provide more opportunities than ever before to research background information about potential new hires. Here is a good guide on how to leverage this tool in ensuring you’re adding the right person to your team.     Email Attachments… Read More.

Here’s What Your Potential Clients Are Thinking About You

Every couple of years, I recommend one of my all-time-favorite lawyer marketing articles: it’s called How Clients Choose, by David Maister, and you can – no, you should – read it here. Though 25 years old, it remains the gold standard summary of what prospective clients experience while they’re sitting… Read More.

4 Steps to Get Paid Faster

Making collection calls to clients is never fun – and it doesn’t feel good for us or for them.  Yet effective billing and collections is a cornerstone of effective law practice management. Here are 4 Steps you can take to improve the cash flow in your law practice and improve… Read More.

How to Welcome New Clients into Your Practice

Many problems with clients – perhaps even most – can be traced back to an all-too-frequent practice management oversight: they were never properly welcomed into your practice.  Conversely, attorneys who provide new clients with a well-thought out welcome packet spend less time answering unnecessary questions, have fewer headaches, and more… Read More.

The Daily Client Service Winner Most Lawyers Ignore

When I start working with them, only about 15% of my clients require their personnel to introduce themselves by name when answering the phone. This is true for both small and large law firms (where assistants and paralegals typically pick up after being transferred by the receptionist). This means that… Read More.

Beware of the “Client Responsiveness” Illusion

Far too many attorneys have convinced themselves that they must tolerate their disjointed, interruption-laden approach to managing their time in the name of “good client service” (aka, “responsiveness”). But like an optical illusion, what seems to be true about responsiveness often isn’t.  Indeed,  in our work coaching lawyers on time management, we repeatedly… Read More.

What’s the Best Response to A Client Complaint?

The most frequent reason clients dispute legal fees (or worse, file grievances) is that they’re unhappy with how they’ve been treated. The second is their feeling that they’re not receiving sufficient value for what they’re paying you. It’s rarely a technical error alone that triggers their complaint. Rather, it’s how… Read More.

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