Practice Development Quick Reads for March 2019

What Potential Clients Look for When They Visit Your Legal Site

Do you know what “trust signals” are?  And how they function on your website to either engage or turn off prospective clients and referral sources? You’d better know, and you’d better take them seriously. Trust signals are one crucial ingredient in the “secret sauce” that prompts someone to actually contact you after they’ve seen your site or bio page. There are other critical ingredients too. Take a look at What Potential Clients Look for When They Visit Your Legal Site.


How to Make the Most of Client Visits

Want to set yourself and your firm head and shoulders above the pack? Take the time to go visit your clients on their home turf, get a valuable first-hand perspective and solidify your relationships. Here’s some insight into how to make the most of those visits


Partners In Conflict

Few of us enjoy conflict and some will go to great lengths to avoid it. However, conflict will happen eventually. If it’s between partners in your firm, it can be unsettling; it can threaten the firm’s equilibrium and, occasionally, its long-term survival. How these conflicts are managed is critical to avoid lasting damage. 


How to Dispose of Unused Tech

If you are staying on top of technology trends and focused on keeping your hardware up-to-date and functioning well, you’ll confront the question: what do I do with this computer/phone/printer when I get rid of it? Learn how to dispose of tech responsibly.


Lawyer Website Of The Month

The website of this 11-lawyer firm in D.C. epitomizes excellent, effective messaging. From their tag line to the video featuring their founding partner (at the bottom of the Why Ifrah page), it’s crystal clear that they have done the hard work to distill their capabilities and values down to clear, non-gimmicky language.  Their focus on a few interrelated industries lets them laser into what prospective clients really want.  The site is also beautifully designed; super easy to read and navigate, with larger-than-average but still sophisticated typography.  It exudes credibility, professionalism and trustworthiness.  So how will YOU message your differentiating characteristics? There’s LOTS to learn from this model. 

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