Practice Development Quick Reads for October 2018

Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling: Protect Yourself and Your Firm

While we’d all like to believe we’re smart enough to spot a phishing email, the scammers are getting smarter, using ever more sophisticated tactics to hook us. And if you think your firm is too small or not prominent enough to be a target, think again. Learn more here about how to avoid these critical security threats. 


Do you want more of what you have today, or something better?

A cogent reminder from my colleague, Mike O’Horo, about the importance of getting laser focused on what you want in your practice, and why that clarity is essential if you truly want to elevate the personal and financial satisfaction you get from practicing law.


It’s Not All About The Billables: Making Productive Use Of Downtime

When you find yourself at the office with the rare hour or two of time that doesn’t have to be spent on billable client work, you can still complete some important tasks that will move you closer to your goals and add value to your day. 


Since We Can’t Stop the Aging Process, the Day Will Come When…

With age comes experience, insight, and unfortunately, the increased risk that you won’t continue to be the sharp-as-a-tack attorney you are today. While it may be difficult to contemplate that future, preparing yourself and your firm for what’s ahead is a key component to responsibly managing your career and serving your clients well. 


Lawyer Video Of The Month

With this month’s video recommendation, I’m branching out to include interesting TED Talks of particular relevance to lawyers. This first one is a talk by William Ury, co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Whether your work is primarily transactional or litigation, Ury has a unique, proven approach to achieving better outcomes for your clients. SuccessTrack clients and readers will be familiar with Ury (as I have been recommending his book “The Power of a Positive No” for many years). Check him out.   

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