Time Management

How FOMO Hurts Attorneys

The acronym FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out – refers to a type of social anxiety in which a person feels that they’re missing an important experience or opportunity. The term was coined about 15 years ago by a marketing consultant, Dan Herman, who was studying the implications of… Read More.

Getting Real About Your Time-to-Task Estimates

An extremely common source of stress on the job is largely self-inflicted: the chronic underestimation of how long a task will take. Whether it’s a routine motion you have to draft, a “touch-base” meeting with a partner or staff member, a quick call with a client, or cleaning up your… Read More.

Which Type of Procrastination is Easier to Overcome?

As a species, we humans either move toward pleasure or away from pain. Reductionist as that might sound, it nonetheless explains a huge portion of our behavior. And it is quite helpful in understanding the scourge of procrastination. My time management coaching with lawyers confirms what the research shows: there… Read More.

Use This Daily Planning Checklist and Get More Done

I have to handle the Smith motion by tomorrow. I gotta get to my pre-bills this week. I need to get back to Susan Client with that amendment I promised her. Sound familiar? Those are the kinds of time management-related phrases we say to ourselves all day long. And while… Read More.

Three Reasons to Purge Your Printed Clutter Today

Most attorneys keep vastly more printed material in and on their desks and cabinets than they need to. Even prior to the advent of the net, it was tempting to save too much paper-based information. You know the script in your head: “I might want to look that up someday.”… Read More.

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