Practice Development Quick Reads for March 2017

Six Ways To Jump Start Your LinkedIn Network

An excellent and quick (yet still substantive) article on how you could be — how you should be — using LinkedIn to grow your practice by growing your network.


10 Steps To A Practical Lawyer Business Development Plan

Too many lawyers try a given marketing activity only to abandon their efforts after they don’t pay off quickly. The fundamental problem is that they don’t follow through sufficiently to get a large enough sample size of action to discover their all-important “activity ratios.” When you have three prospective referral source meetings and none pan out, the temptation to drop this avenue of activity is strong. “These meetings don’t work.” But it might take meeting with 8 or 18 such people to find a high-quality referral source with whom you DO connect and who becomes a strong source of work for you. Check out Mike O’Horo’s 9th point in his recent post about the power of “knowing your ratios” and why it’s critical that you do – in all of your business development activities, online and off.


How to Tailor Your Web Presence to Your Marketing Goals

I think we’d all agree that having a website is essential to effectively marketing your law firm. But being clear about why you have a website is critical to successfully integrating your website into your overall online marketing strategy.


How To Beat Procrastination

We all encounter it from time to time: procrastination. But for those who continue to be challenged by putting off what we know we should be doing, Caroline Webb offers concrete actions you can take to help kickstart your progress on the important items on your task list.


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