Practice Development Quick Reads for May 2017

How to Research Potential Hires on Social Media

Social media can provide more opportunities than ever before to research background information about potential new hires. Here is a good guide on how to leverage this tool in ensuring you’re adding the right person to your team.  


Email Attachments vs. Client Portals

Using email to share documents with clients is an everyday practice for attorneys, yet we all know that email is a vulnerable medium, presenting you with an ethical dilemma: convenience vs. security. One solution may be the use of client portals, as advocated in this article by Jim Calloway.


Legal Tech Resource Center

Many of you vaguely know about ABA’s Legal Tech Resource Center. If you’ve never seen or haven’t been to the site in a while, check it out. One of its most valuable sections is on social media, including excellent social media basics and ethics guidance. Even though some of the links are a couple of years old, there’s a lot of useful content. For example: How To Create A Law Firm Social Media Policy.


Lawyer Video Of The Month

North Carolina Family Law guru Lee Rosen answers the question “will social media be used against you?” Rosen is a widely-recognized thought leader in the world of internet marketing and the use of videos. Like all his hundreds – yes, hundreds – of videos, this one is to the point, provides immediately useful information, and has good production values. After checking out this video, do yourself a favor and explore his entire site. It regularly receives well-deserved accolades.

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