Practice Development Quick Reads for June 2017

How To Stop Treating Conversation Like Cross-Examination

Do you find yourself becoming adversarial in simple conversations with family members and friends? Unless you’re steeped in the art and science of mediation, you’ve been conditioned, as an attorney, to approach discussions within a construct of offense and defense. Here, Kara Loewentheil offers suggestions for how to stop treating conversation like cross-examination.  


16 Good Things to Do with a Business Card (Yours and Theirs)

It might feel as if business cards are a relic of the pre-digital past. But there is still a great deal of value to be mined from these little pieces of paper – both giving and getting them – if you use them properly. You’ll find some terrific tips for tapping their potential in your business development efforts in this article by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton.


Metrics that Matter to Small Law Firms

How much does it cost you to get a new client? Do you know how to calculate that? How about the value of the work in your firm’s pipeline? Understanding these metrics is key to successfully judging – and strengthening — the financial health of your practice or your firm. Mary Juetten shares these and three more metrics that matter to small law firms.


ABA Issues Major Ruling on Ethics of Email and Electronic Communications

In this latest ruling focusing on the ethics of practicing law in the digital age, the ABA has issued Formal Opinion 477, addressing the use of and need for encryption of your email communications. Here’s the information you’ll need to evaluate whether you need to make changes in your email policies and procedures.


Lawyer Website Of The Month

Beginning this month, I’m going to start featuring examples of stellar lawyer websites as well as outstanding lawyer videos. Leading off, we have Bick Law, LLP. Their focus is exclusively environmental law, and their site is a great example of a tight niche that targets multiple market sectors. It’s also visually compelling, totally client-centric, and easy to navigate. You’ll see clearly why they won a 2017 Webby award in the Law category.

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