Practice Development Quick Reads for April 2017

Better Website Data For Search: Rich Snippets Explained

Yes, I know it’s more technical than my usual tips, but if you’re serious about converting people from website visitors into clients, this is the sort of thing that your internet marketing vendor needs to be on top of. Chris is one of the best out there at raising law firm visibility through website SEO. Not sure whether your internet vendors are giving you the level of service you need? I’ll be speaking on effective internet marketing for lawyers several times over the next month or two. Scroll down for more information on these events.


Converting Post-Speech Inquiries: The Follow-Up Email and Phone Call

My good friend Mike O’Horo at RainmakerVT offers up some very valuable info – including specific scripts – on how to turn a casual conversation with someone who’s approached you after a public speaking event into a true opportunity to bring aboard a new client: Converting Post-Speech Inquiries: The Follow-Up Email And Phone Call.


Exploring the Ethical Duty of Technology Competence

In the pre-Internet era, many attorneys would have said that the main measure of their competence was their knowledge of the law and how effectively they applied it in representing their clients.  Today, though, your knowledge of – and ability to ethically harness – technology is a fundamental competence.


Lawyer Video Of The Month

Last summer, I shared a terrific video with you from two Texas attorneys called “Don’t Eat Your Weed”. (If you missed it, you’ll find it here.) It is informative, creative and engaging – everything good lawyer marketing should be. Over the coming months, I’m going to feature more examples of lawyers using video to enhance their marketing efforts. This month, I’m showcasing Aaron Minc, whose unique practice niche is removing harmful content about his clients from the internet. 


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