Email Best Practices

How to Retrieve Emails You Wish You Hadn’t Sent

You hit Send by accident before the email is complete.  You send it to the wrong person.  You left something out (or you should have left something out).   You know that “arrggg!” the instant you realize the email is on its way.   Then you spend time writing again, worrying about… Read More.

Part Five of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

Fifth in a Five Part Series   Here are the four key points from this email series plus six additional time-saving email practices. But first, here’s that mind-blowing stat one more time: You spend the equivalent of at least 40 10-hour days doing NOTHING but handling email. If you ponder… Read More.

Part Four of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

Fourth in a Five Part Series   We’re returning in this SuccessTip to the subject of subject lines — specifically, the use of 3-letter acronyms at the end of the subject line that saves reading time and reduces email ping-pong. EOM = End of Message (when the entire content of… Read More.

Part Three of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

Third in a Five Part Series   Who are your top email offenders? That is, who are the people in your professional life who send you the most problematic email messages? They’re easy to identify: Sort your inbox by Sender and see, first of all, who sends the most email… Read More.

Part Two of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

Second in a Five Part Series   Lest you need any more convincing that getting a better handle on email is a profoundly important objective, consider this: If you send and receive a total of 50 emails on each of the 240 work days in a year, you’re processing 12,000… Read More.

Part One of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

First in a Five Part Series.   If there ever was a business-related resolution for this year worth making and keeping, a top candidate would be to get control of your email. These next five SuccessTips will present highlights from a state of the art approach to email management called… Read More.

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