The JumpStart Coaching Experience

If you’re curious about the coaching process, you can take a test-run. In two hour-long coaching sessions (typically one week apart), we quickly zero in on — and begin tackling — your most important objectives. Depending on what you’re seeking to accomplish, examples include:

  • Identifying and beginning to change your most productivity-robbing behaviors
  • Prioritizing and framing specific client development activities that will be effective given your situation
  • Targeting concrete communication skills to deepen rapport with clients, partners and staff
  • Creating a clear, specific, achievable action plan that leads directly to measurable improvements in your practice

How It Works

In advance of the first session, you complete a brief online DISC Style Profile which yields a 42-page report chock-full of useful insights into how you operate on the job with respect to handling workflow, managing time, communicating with others, etc.

You’ll also complete two self-assessment Scorecards, one on productivity and one on client development.

In the first coaching session, we review your DISC and your Scorecards and identify strengths to build on and areas for improvement. Together, we develop a few “assignment” – action items on which to follow up before our second session.

Then, in that second session, we discuss the work you did, what you learned, what went well, what didn’t, and how to continue moving forward.

The JumpStart costs $895 and gives you a real-world coaching experience so you can know what you’d be getting into if we were to work together.  As with all of my coaching and consulting, the JumpStart is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call me at 203.806.1300 if you have questions about the JumpStart Experience.

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