Practice Development Quick Reads for July 2019

Get More Clients With A Better Email Signature

NOTE: the links in this SuccessTip are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.

You probably use a basic email signature that includes your name, firm name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and website URL — one that looks like this:

Evelyn Smith
Sanders, Smith & Lofton, LLP
123 Main Street    Suite 902
Pittsburgh, PA 15204
P: (505) 152-1520
F: (505) 123-1234

However, if that’s all you’re including, you’re missing a powerful opportunity to market yourself and get more clients. 

Think about it: email is likely to be your most frequently used tool to communicate with the rest of the world.  Yet very few attorneys use it to full effect.  If you’re like most attorneys, you’re making two faulty assumptions:

  1. that other lawyers actually understand what kind of cases you want, and
  2. that they have you at the top of their minds when your kind of case crosses their desk for a potential referral. 

A better email signature can help correct this situation by informing your email recipients (whether prospective referral source or prospective client) whom you seek to serve, and by enticing them to visit your site.

Here, then, are two important upgrades for your signature:

  1. Add a descriptive phrase (otherwise known as a tagline) that states what you do for your target client or the types of cases you handle; for example, “Protecting the rights of employees throughout Virginia” or “Solving complex construction disputes.”  Note: if you have more than one major practice focus, you can rotate different messages, say, quarterly.
  2. Link to a page of interest on your website or your blog, such as a checklist, article, resource link, or FAQs page; for example, include a clickable link such as “State-of-the-Art Due Diligence: Find out how your policy stacks up HERE” or “Check out a list of employees’ most frequently asked questions at”  This link, too, can be changed or updated periodically.

Evelyn’s new signature:

Evelyn Smith
Sanders, Smith & Lofton, LLP
Criminal Defense Attorneys
123 Main Street    Suite 902
Pittsburgh, PA 15204
P: (505) 152-1520
F: (505) 123-1234
Representing individuals and businesses accused of fraud and financial crimes
Be Prepared.  Read our Internal Investigations Primer here
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[NOTE: Because the focus of this tip is marketing, it does not include a sample disclaimer. Of course, your signatures should always contain a disclaimer.]

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