Upgrading Your Operations

Why and How to Start With Legal Knowledge Management

Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) refers to the collection, organization, dissemination, and reuse of knowledge contained within documents and inside individuals’ heads, and it includes the development of standard forms, tools, and templates to streamline the delivery of service. Even though LKM is often thought of in the context of larger …Read More

Simple Fix to Stop Recurring Glitches

After almost a decade of coaching lawyers to improve their time management, profitability and client service, I’ve heard hundreds of stories about little things not going right in the daily course of practice  — for example in an interaction between attorney and paralegal.  But I’d never experienced such a glitch …Read More

People Are Happy To Help –- But You Have To Ask

Aside from poor time management, one of the main reasons attorneys don’t get the help they want or need to improve their practice management is because they simply don’t ask for it. Why?  We usually don’t ask because we’re embarrassed or insecure at some level. Fortunately, all it takes to …Read More

Focus on This ONE Thing to Improve Your Practice

The immediate deadline.  The call that needs to be made or returned before lunch. The pre-bills that have to be checked this afternoon. The case law that needs to be scoured so the motion can be finished up tonight. The filing that’s due in the morning.  The mediation tomorrow afternoon. …Read More

Check Out This Excellent Guide to the Dangers of Metadata

What do Justice Samuel Alito, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and the United Nations have in common? They were all embarrassed by the revelation of hidden information they did not know was contained within documents they published. (In Merck’s case, of course, it was much worse than mere embarrassment, as metadata played a key …Read More

Building a Lean Law Practice: Eliminate Waste Continuously

As law practice consultants we always look for new ideas to help attorneys build better businesses. Today we will look at the proven operations principles of lean manufacturing to eliminate over processing and rework in a law practice. Lean manufacturing is based on the core principles of relentless attention to …Read More

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