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A Fantastic Tool For Keeping Yourself On Track

You look at the clock, or someone calls (or knocks) and you realize “Damn! It happened again.”  You got lost in your drafting or your web searching and now you’re pressed for time as you hurriedly turn to your next activity.  Or maybe you just won’t get to the other …Read More

How to Get Free Tech Help Instantly

How often do you say to yourself, as you’re sitting at your computer, “there must be a way to do this” or “there must be a way to do this faster”?  Probably a few times a month at least. But, you probably don’t have a reliable tech person instantly accessible.  …Read More

Not Using A Password Management Tool? Seriously??

If you are using one, great.  You already know the huge benefits, so no need to read further.  If you’re not, please invest 10 minutes after reading this post to get and start using this essential tool. (See which program I recommend in the last paragraph.) Here are the main …Read More

Great Resource to Learn About E-Discovery of Social Media Content

Preamble Though it can be dangerous to use absolutes, I’m comfortable asserting that everyone who uses a computer regularly in the course of their work spends a significant amount of time searching longer than they’d like to for information they need. Whether, it’s a document, an email, an image, or …Read More

Law Firm Employees and Social Media: Present and Future Dangers

A brand new study by CISCO reveals findings about the attitudes of 20-somethings entering the workforce which, while perhaps unsurprising in the abstract, carry significant practical implications for hiring and keeping new employees from admin clerks to Associates. For example: 68% of young professional employees believe that corporate devices should …Read More

Check Out This Excellent Guide to the Dangers of Metadata

What do Justice Samuel Alito, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and the United Nations have in common? They were all embarrassed by the revelation of hidden information they did not know was contained within documents they published. (In Merck’s case, of course, it was much worse than mere embarrassment, as metadata played a key …Read More

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