Lawyer Marketing

Tap Your Alumni Networks and Get New Business

Here’s a BFO (a Blinding Flash of the Obvious): attorneys who are great at lawyer marketing tend to value social networks. Whether an inborn trait or a learned behavior, they regularly take advantage of opportunities to get to know – and become known by – lots of people. And one …Read More

Use Surprise Thank You Notes to Grow Your Law Practice

It’s human nature to appreciate receiving thanks for something you’ve done for someone. A referral source who sends you a desirable client, of course, should be thanked immediately. But, whether or not you thanked them at the time, a surprise thank you long after the good deed can have an …Read More

Use These 30 Questions with Prospects and Get Hired More Often

In the 10 years that I’ve been coaching attorneys to grow their books of business, this barrier to successful client development has come up countless times, whether in conversation or on their website bio pages: namely, the tendency to talk too quickly about themselves – their practice areas, their credentials, …Read More

Here’s What Your Potential Clients Are Thinking About You

Every couple of years, I recommend one of my all-time-favorite lawyer marketing articles: it’s called How Clients Choose, by David Maister, and you can – no, you should – read it here. Though 25 years old, it remains the gold standard summary of what prospective clients experience while they’re sitting …Read More

Get More Clients With a Better Email Signature

NOTE: the links in this SuccessTip are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only. You probably use a basic email signature that includes your name, firm name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and website URL – one that looks something like this: Evelyn Smith Sanders, Smith & Lofton, LLP …Read More

The Rainmaker’s Magic Ratio

As an attorney, you make your living by using words confidently. Individuals and corporations pay you to give advice and to be right. It’s understandable, then, if you’re guilty of violating the Golden Rule of Business Development: Listen at least twice as much as you talk. But the sooner you …Read More

The Easy Way to Make a Bigger Holiday Card Impact

It’s time for that staple of lawyer marketing: holiday cards.  Alas, however, this seasonal routine tends to evoke groans of skepticism and displeasure.  It’s a pain, it costs money, we don’t have the time to do it, I don’t’ know if it gets us new work (or helps us keep …Read More

Tapping the Hidden Gold in Your Contacts List

Depending on how you think about and use your contacts list, its current value to your practice falls somewhere on a continuum from basic administrative utility to highly-prized business development goldmine. Of course, the closer to goldmine the better. Great professional service marketers know the importance of their contact lists. …Read More

The Assumption That Robs You of Revenue

“Why didn’t Alan use us for their C-level employment agreements? I mean, we just handled their debt financing six months ago.” “Why didn’t Susan call us after that terrible accident? We did such a good job for her and her husband on their estate plan.” “Why did Ben refer that …Read More

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