Improving Financial Results

4 Steps to Get Paid Faster

Making collection calls to clients is never fun – and it doesn’t feel good for us or for them. Yet effective billing and collections is a cornerstone of effective law practice management. Here are four steps you can take to improve the cash flow in your law practice and improve …Read More

How to Pick the Right Clients and Cases

In my work with attorneys on how to grow their practices, I often start with the question: who are your the ideal clients?   As tempting as the answer may be, it is rarely  as simple as: “the ones who pay their bills”. Of course, the “right” clients should have a …Read More

A Key Revenue Metric You’re Probably Ignoring

There’s a basic number that far too many attorneys either don’t know or don’t pay enough attention to:  it’s their Maximum Expected Annual Revenue (MEAR).  Put simply, your MEAR is the full dollar amount of your billable hours target times your published rate/s clients agree to pay when they hire …Read More

Use This Part of Speech in Your Bills — Or Else

Phone call, .5,  $180.  If you send bills that merely list categories of service, hours, and charges, you’re not only missing an opportunity to educate your clients, you could actually be alienating them. Each bill you send is a powerful communicator of your value. When presented with a bill, clients …Read More

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