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High-Achiever? Stop Beating Yourself Up

Much has been written about “the lawyer personality” and “the lawyer mind” – about how they’re more analytical, more introverted than the general population.  Here’s one quality of many attorneys that’s a real double-edged sword. “Locus of control” (LOC) refers to our basic belief about whether the outcomes of our …Read More

Desk Yoga for Busy Lawyers = More Energy, Less Stress

To perform at your best, whether you’re on trial, drafting an important document under pressure, or interacting with clients and staff, you need have as much energy as possible throughout the day — both mentally and physically. Think about it: your blood and brain need the right amount of oxygen …Read More

What is the Happiness-Success Connection?

When Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith asks audiences around the world to complete the following sentence, one word is overwhelmingly provided: “When my kids grow up, I want them to be _______.” Your response? It was probably “happy.”   No other answer – successful, wealthy, healthy, well-adjusted, etc – comes remotely close.  …Read More

How to Deal With Important People Who Waste Your Time

You know them: The “I need it yesterday” client. The “I’d like to pick your brain” long sales-cycle prospect. The “Can you take a quick look at this?” partner. They may be well meaning, or they may be jerks; but either way, they take up more of your time than …Read More

How to Keep Things In Perspective At Work

It’s too easy to get hooked by stress and worry – particularly when our experience of the stress and worry is (or seems) justified by the high stakes matter or financial pressure at hand.  It’s all too easy to forget, in the midst of our daily work, why it is …Read More

Two Reasons You Struggle with Delegation – And What To Do About It

There are two characteristics of successful attorneys that often keep them from being good delegators.  By proclivity and by training they are risk averse, and they really like to win. It’s your core mission after all, to protect your clients from negative outcomes.  And your determination to represent them rigorously …Read More

The Practice Development Orchard You Should Plant Today

Confucius was asked by the farmer, “When’s the best time to plant my orchard?” Confucius sighed quietly and replied, “20 years ago.”  The farmer then asked, “When’s the next best time to plant my orchard?”  Confucius smiled gently and answered, “Today.” In my work coaching lawyers, I have yet to …Read More

People Are Happy To Help –- But You Have To Ask

Aside from poor time management, one of the main reasons attorneys don’t get the help they want or need to improve their practice management is because they simply don’t ask for it. Why?  We usually don’t ask because we’re embarrassed or insecure at some level. Fortunately, all it takes to …Read More

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