The Easy Way to Make a Bigger Holiday Card Impact

It’s time for that staple of lawyer marketing: holiday cards.  Alas, however, this seasonal routine tends to evoke groans of skepticism and displeasure.  It’s a pain, it costs money, we don’t have the time to do it, I don’t’ know if it gets us new work (or helps us keep current work) . . . . As to the last point, well done cards DO help you create and sustain TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) and that is always a wise investment. So, if you’ve got the routine down, great.  If not, here’s how to try something new that can help you stand out from your peers and is fairly easy to do: Send a Thanksgiving card this year around November 15th.  Why? Because yours will be among the first cards received (and thus have greater impact).  It’s different from the standard cards most people get.  It covers the entire season.  And it allows you to express a slightly nuanced sentiment around the notion of gratitude. There are two parts to a successful card campaign.  Getting the cards and sending them to your list.  The first part is easy.  Assign a staff personthe task of searching for “thanksgiving business cards.”   It really doesn’t matter which online printer you go with.  They basically offer the same cards and pricing is almost identical. Here is a sample card with inside text that conveys that slightly different notion. If you have someone with good handwriting, have them hand write your name (or the name of your firm, or whatever you’re comfortable with) below the inside text.  Of course, you can also have the printer take care of that, too. The key thing is to start the process ASAP, so you get the cards in hand, say, within a week.  Then, you can hand address batches of cards if that’s how you’re doing it.  Obviously, if you’re printing address labels, you’ll be good to go. Prices of cards range from about $1.25 to $2.50 per card for 100 cards.  Here are links to two cards, one at each range of the scale:–insert-thanksgiving-card As with so many elements of lawyer and law firm marketing, the trick is to plan ahead and commit specific tasks to specific times.  

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