The Daily Client Service Winner Most Lawyers Ignore

When I start working with them, only about 15% of my clients require their personnel to introduce themselves by name when answering the phone. This is true for both small and large law firms (where assistants and paralegals typically pick up after being transferred by the receptionist). This means that roughly 85% of attorneys are squandering one of the simplest – yet most potent – client development techniques known to man. And there’s no excuse for it.

Depending on the size of your office, your staffing configuration, and your call routing protocols, a version of one of these four intros should be used every time one of your staff members answers a call: “Symington Law Firm, this is Lisa.” “Attorney Valosa’s line, this is Lisa” “This is Lisa, how may I help you?” “This is Lisa.”

From new prospective clients to existing clients to internal colleagues and staff, everyone appreciates knowing who they’re talking with. Your office, your team – and thus you – become more approachable, and, on a subtle psychological level, more trustworthy. In my experience with hundreds of firms, it can take up to a month for staff members to internalize the new behavior.

So here’s how to do it: If you have staff or team meetings, put this on the agenda for the next time you get together. In fact, you can print this SuccessTip as a reminder. If you don’t have regular meetings, compose an email explaining the new protocol and forward it along with this tip. Since some staff will need a few friendly reminders, have a spouse or friend place calls to you to monitor compliance with the new requirement starting a week or two after you implement it. This simple client-friendly addition to your legal marketing mindset will pay off with happier callers on the other end.

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