Stretch Your Comfort Zone to Elevate the Work You Get in 2012

Everyone who sells a professional service – including lawyers — has a self-regulated zone when it comes to the level of clients, referral sources, and matters with which they’re comfortable.

So where’s the upper edge of your comfort zone? Regardless of where, it’s partly a function of knowledge and execution (i.e., your actual experience), but it’s just as much a function of self-perception and self-confidence (i.e., your internal state). To elevate your practice, learn to identify and push that upper edge.

Think about the kind of client, referral source, or matter that would stretch your comfort zone a little bit. Perhaps it’s representation of a higher net worth individual than you’re used to working with. Or the defense of a higher stakes claim for a more visible company. Or a more complex deal you’d be quarterbacking.

Next, reflect on this: whoever the person or whatever the matter, there’s a good chance that you DO have the knowledge and ability needed to be highly effective (or that you can acquire it through reading, seminars, mentoring, etc).

The trick therefore, is to believe that you can, in fact, meet the challenge of working with more sophisticated, powerful people on more challenging, higher-value matters.

Remember the old saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, your right.”

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