Practice Development Quick Reads for July 2017


How To Reduce Distractions In A Constantly Connected World

It has become harder than ever to live mindfully in our continuously connected environment. The onslaught of data is relentless, and yet is largely within our control to regulate for ourselves. If you find it challenging to turn off the firehose of information and concentrate on the tasks at hand, you may find Jeena Cho’s suggestions for How To Reduce Distractions In A Constantly Connected World useful.


Authenticity as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Research unequivocally shows that purchasers of legal services place a high value on authenticity. Whether they’re General Counsel of a major company or an individual consumer, who you are — what you believe in, why you care, who you are outside of your job — matters.  From social media posts to your bio page, you should be artfully letting your prospective clients and referral sources get to know you. This article will give you the basics on how and why.  


Time To Change Your eDiscovery Mindset

eDiscovery has significantly altered how lawyers approach the issue of discovery for their clients – in theory. In practice, however, many lawyers either aren’t approaching ediscovery properly or, even worse, ignoring it altogether. But there is a wealth of valuable information available to use on behalf of your clients, and you must know what it is and where to find it. Kelly Twigger declares that it’s Time To Change Your eDiscovery Mindset.


I Can’t Believe My Former Client Posted That!

It’s happened: a former client has posted a negative review on the internet of you and the representation you provided. Knowing what you should do – and what you CAN do, ethically – is critical when deciding what action to take next. Before you fire off your response, read the advice Mark Bassingthwaighte offers in I Can’t Believe My Former Client Posted That!


Lawyer Video / Website Of The Month

This Ohio injury firm created a public service campaign about texting and driving called “Just Don’t Do It.” Now in its 7th year, the firm publishes a series of videos featuring local (and some statewide) athletes/celebrities sharing the message that texting while driving is unsafe, and that they “just don’t do it.” The 30-second spots are not fancy, but they’re fun and clearly show strong community engagement and firm brand awareness. This is a classic example of “doing well by doing good.” Check out some of their videos here: 

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