Practice Development Quick Reads for February 2019

“Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Indispensable.”

Your business plans may have to change at a moment’s notice should something in your general target market — or your specific client base — shift unexpectedly. Your response to that sort of disruption will be far more nimble if you’ve already put in the effort to plan for it. Mike O’Horo shares what you’ll need to avoid being taken by surprise. 


Knowing When (and How) to Upgrade Your Legal Software

Is it starting to feel as if you devote more time to managing technology issues than you do to your clients and your caseload? If that sounds all too familiar, I recommend you do yourself a favor and consider upgrading your legal software. Yes, it’s a hassle (and sometimes a BIG hassle). But the imperative to staying functional and productive and secure is growing. And it doesn’t have to kill you if you’re smart about it.


Law Firm Link Building: 7 Powerful Tips To Use Today

Acheiving “organic” website visibility is an extremely complex process, but it is worth every penny and hour of your resources to execute properly.  This article explains how to do it, and it’s worth forwarding to whomever you’re using for your internet marketing efforts.  


Legal Project Management Demystified

If you believe each of your cases is unique and trying to standardize them is a fool’s errand, you may be missing a prime opportunity to increase your revenues and bring some predictability to your income stream. Read more about how to apply modern project management techniques to your firm and your practice.


Lawyer Website Of The Month

An excellent model of clean design, high reader engagement, high-end expertise, and most significantly, a great example of how to deploy meaningful, valuable — and keyword-rich — content.  Check out their “Treatise” on Trusts and Estates (both in terms of what they say, and how it’s presented.)  

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