Practice Development Quick Reads For August 2017


Keeping It Practical: Tips on Pricing, Billing, and Client Communications

While your skills and experience as a lawyer are of paramount importance to your clients, your skills as a business person can make the difference between having a successful practice and one that struggles. Mark Robertson offers some valuable tips on how to improve your billing, pricing and client communications.


How to Create a Networking Tickler System

Building a network for referrals and meeting new prospective clients is something you know you should do – it’s a vital part of marketing your practice. Here’s a simple system you can use to help track your networking activities and stay on top of keeping in touch.  


Is Texting Clients A Good Idea? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Text messaging has become an established and ever-present method of communication for most people, though few of us have really stopped to examine whether texting with clients is a smart idea. Mark Bassingthwaighte suggests that there are questions you should answer for yourself before you decide to share your cell phone number with clients. 


Legal Research Services Vary Widely in Results, Study Finds

You might not know it, but research shows that the legal research platform you choose to use in your practice is providing you biased results, based on the algorithm used to present the information to you. Studies show a surprising disparity in cases presented in searches done using six different services. Read Robert Ambrogi’s analysis of what this means for you and the effectiveness of your research. 


Lawyer Video / Website Of The Month

This Australian firm regularly receives international acclaim for their creative lawyer bios. They are interesting and witty without being frivolous, which makes them highly ENGAGING. And take note: these are extremely successful corporate attorneys with sophisticated global clients. Remember, prospective clients — whether consumers or GC’s — may not be able to differentiate your legal skills from those of 10 other otherwise-qualified attorneys. But they CAN differentiate YOU from you competitors based on what you say about yourself. Read a few of these bios and notice your reaction. Then check out your existing bio and see what you can do to make yours more engaging. Want help doing that? Let me know.

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