Practice Development Quick Reads for May 2018


Why Lawyers Really Struggle for Work-Life Balance

Long hours. Late nights. Saturdays (and Sundays) in the office. That’s what so many lawyers believe it takes to create and maintain a successful law practice. But is that always true? Take a look at Why Lawyers Really Struggle for Work-Life Balance and get another perspective. 


20 Traits of the 100%-Capable Rainmaker

There’s a lot of hard work – and a lot of skill – involved in creating a steady flow of prospective clients for your firm. If you aspire to be a great rainmaker, you’ll be interested in Mike O’Horo’s 20 traits of the 100%-capable rainmaker.


Set It, Don’t Forget It: Outlook Reminders

How often do you find yourself sifting through your too-full Outlook inbox, looking for an email that you know you need to answer but that has gotten lost in the avalanche of messages that show up every day? Or how often do you wish there was an easy way to remind yourself to follow up on an email you’ve sent (e.g., one in which you’ve made a request or delegated a task to a staff member)? There’s a simple solution that you can use to significantly reduce this problem: Outlook Reminders. Here’s more on how to Set It, Don’t Forget It


Five Ways Lawyers Can Use Google Trends

It’s well known that your firm’s website and blog content showing up on the first page of Google search results is a super important factor in your overall marketing program. But it can be tough to know exactly what you should be writing about that will increase your chances of that happening. Julie Howell shares Five Ways Lawyers Can Use Google Trends to craft a winning digital content marketing strategy.  


Lawyer Video Of The Month

Tech/IP lawyer Richard Hsu is a Managing Director of Major, Lindsey and Africa. He produces a video blog that’s been recognized by both the ABA and LMA (Legal Marketing Association) – and for good reason. He uses the technique you’ve no doubt seen where someone’s hand is shown from above writing and drawing in high speed while he narrates his topic. The videos are highly engaging to watch and make complex ideas extremely clear (all in under 3 minutes). Check them out here: His wife and daughter are the artists for his videos, but there are many services that produce these “whiteboard animation videos” quickly and inexpensively. Want to brainstorm topics for your practice and learn how you can use them to boost your site’s visibility? Use my online scheduler to set up a no-charge 30 minute call:

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