The Assumption That Robs You of Revenue

June 1, 2014

“Why didn’t Alan use us for their C-level employment agreements? I mean, we just handled their debt financing six months ago.” “Why didn’t Susan call us after that terrible accident? We did such a good job for her and her husband on their estate plan.” “Why did Ben refer that …Read More

Beware of the “Client Responsiveness” Illusion

May 1, 2014

Far too many attorneys have convinced themselves that they must tolerate their disjointed, interruption-laden approach to managing their time in the name of “good client service” (aka, “responsiveness”). But like an optical illusion, what seems to be true about responsiveness often isn’t.  Indeed,  in our work coaching lawyers on time management, we repeatedly …Read More

Getting Your Staff to Accept Change

April 15, 2014

When you get excited about new processes that will make your law practice more profitable and productive, it’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting your staff to be just as enthusiastic. You know how much time the new document management program will save, for instance, or why an …Read More

How to Retrieve Emails You Wish You Hadn’t Sent

April 1, 2014

You hit Send by accident before the email is complete.  You send it to the wrong person.  You left something out (or you should have left something out).   You know that “arrggg!” the instant you realize the email is on its way.   Then you spend time writing again, worrying about …Read More

Two Reasons You Struggle with Delegation – And What To Do About It

March 15, 2014

There are two characteristics of successful attorneys that often keep them from being good delegators.  By proclivity and by training they are risk averse, and they really like to win. It’s your core mission after all, to protect your clients from negative outcomes.  And your determination to represent them rigorously …Read More

A Fantastic Tool For Keeping Yourself On Track

February 15, 2014

You look at the clock, or someone calls (or knocks) and you realize “Damn! It happened again.”  You got lost in your drafting or your web searching and now you’re pressed for time as you hurriedly turn to your next activity.  Or maybe you just won’t get to the other …Read More

Why and How to Start With Legal Knowledge Management

February 15, 2014

Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) refers to the collection, organization, dissemination, and reuse of knowledge contained within documents and inside individuals’ heads, and it includes the development of standard forms, tools, and templates to streamline the delivery of service. Even though LKM is often thought of in the context of larger …Read More

The Practice Development Orchard You Should Plant Today

February 1, 2014

Confucius was asked by the farmer, “When’s the best time to plant my orchard?” Confucius sighed quietly and replied, “20 years ago.”  The farmer then asked, “When’s the next best time to plant my orchard?”  Confucius smiled gently and answered, “Today.” In my work coaching lawyers, I have yet to …Read More

How to Get Free Tech Help Instantly

January 15, 2014

How often do you say to yourself, as you’re sitting at your computer, “there must be a way to do this” or “there must be a way to do this faster”?  Probably a few times a month at least. But, you probably don’t have a reliable tech person instantly accessible.  …Read More

Why You SHOULD Market in Late December

December 15, 2013

The conventional wisdom among lawyers is to not bother marketing just prior to the Christmas Holiday and during the week before New Year’s.   People aren’t paying attention; they’ve checked out; they’re spending time cleaning up – you’ve heard (and perhaps spoken) all the reasons typically given for pausing your legal …Read More

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