The Deadly Marketing Assumption

January 15, 2012

Have you ever initiated a marketing contact, waited for a return call or email, and upon hearing nothing, concluded the person just wasn’t interested? That conclusion might actually be a costly assumption – one that lets otherwise great prospective clients, referral sources or influencers slip away. And it’s one of …Read More

Stretch Your Comfort Zone to Elevate the Work You Get in 2012

December 27, 2011

Everyone who sells a professional service – including lawyers — has a self-regulated zone when it comes to the level of clients, referral sources, and matters with which they’re comfortable. So where’s the upper edge of your comfort zone? Regardless of where, it’s partly a function of knowledge and execution …Read More

Law Firm Employees and Social Media: Present and Future Dangers

December 14, 2011

A brand new study by CISCO reveals findings about the attitudes of 20-somethings entering the workforce which, while perhaps unsurprising in the abstract, carry significant practical implications for hiring and keeping new employees from admin clerks to Associates. For example: 68% of young professional employees believe that corporate devices should …Read More

Check Out This Excellent Guide to the Dangers of Metadata

November 29, 2011

What do Justice Samuel Alito, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and the United Nations have in common? They were all embarrassed by the revelation of hidden information they did not know was contained within documents they published. (In Merck’s case, of course, it was much worse than mere embarrassment, as metadata played a key …Read More

The Secret to Building Non-Verbal Rapport

November 21, 2011

The ability to quickly establish and deepen rapport is one of the most important skills you can develop in your legal marketing toolbox. From making a strong favorable impression upon meeting a new prospective client or referral source to cultivating trust with key stakeholders on a complex project, your on-going …Read More

Building a Lean Law Practice: Eliminate Waste Continuously

November 15, 2011

As law practice consultants we always look for new ideas to help attorneys build better businesses. Today we will look at the proven operations principles of lean manufacturing to eliminate over processing and rework in a law practice. Lean manufacturing is based on the core principles of relentless attention to …Read More

How to Easily Convey Your Value

November 14, 2011

The vast majority of people, whether referral sources or prospective clients, do not know or understand what you really do as a lawyer. They may have a general idea, but what they’re carrying around in their heads is a mix of previous experience and media-fed misconceptions and stereotypes. It’s your …Read More

Part Five of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

November 11, 2011

Fifth in a Five Part Series   Here are the four key points from this email series plus six additional time-saving email practices. But first, here’s that mind-blowing stat one more time: You spend the equivalent of at least 40 10-hour days doing NOTHING but handling email. If you ponder …Read More

Part Four of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

November 10, 2011

Fourth in a Five Part Series   We’re returning in this SuccessTip to the subject of subject lines — specifically, the use of 3-letter acronyms at the end of the subject line that saves reading time and reduces email ping-pong. EOM = End of Message (when the entire content of …Read More

Part Three of Best Email Practices for Lawyers

November 9, 2011

Third in a Five Part Series   Who are your top email offenders? That is, who are the people in your professional life who send you the most problematic email messages? They’re easy to identify: Sort your inbox by Sender and see, first of all, who sends the most email …Read More

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