Simple Fix to Stop Recurring Glitches

June 19, 2012

After almost a decade of coaching lawyers to improve their time management, profitability and client service, I’ve heard hundreds of stories about little things not going right in the daily course of practice  — for example in an interaction between attorney and paralegal.  But I’d never experienced such a glitch …Read More

People Are Happy To Help –- But You Have To Ask

June 15, 2012

Aside from poor time management, one of the main reasons attorneys don’t get the help they want or need to improve their practice management is because they simply don’t ask for it. Why?  We usually don’t ask because we’re embarrassed or insecure at some level. Fortunately, all it takes to …Read More

How to Manage Your Social Media Time Effectively – Part Two

May 8, 2012

Part One of this two-part post tackled the challenge of making time for social media activity — and using that time effectively.  It provided the first two of seven tactics for doing so.  Here are tacticts three through seven. 3. Schedule Time and Set Limits Allocate specific time on specific …Read More

How to Manage Your Social Media Time Effectively – Part One

May 1, 2012

Time management for lawyers can be a tough topic, but when you throw social media into the life of an already busy practitioner, it can get downright crazy.  How do you find the “right” amount of time to spend on social media activities?  What should you do with that time?  …Read More

Procrastination Be Gone! The 10-Minute Solution

April 2, 2012

As you read this, you might find yourself ignoring the voice in the back of your head reminding you of something you should be doing instead. Perhaps there’s work to do for a fast-approaching settlement conference. Should you be preparing for Friday’s staff performance review? Are there pre-bills in your …Read More

Great Resource to Learn About E-Discovery of Social Media Content

March 22, 2012

Preamble Though it can be dangerous to use absolutes, I’m comfortable asserting that everyone who uses a computer regularly in the course of their work spends a significant amount of time searching longer than they’d like to for information they need. Whether, it’s a document, an email, an image, or …Read More

Your Attitude Toward Time (Part 4 of 6)

March 19, 2012

The second most common reason attorneys cite for not engaging in systematic business-building activity is everyone’s favorite catch-all excuse, lack of time. But here’s the simple truth: it’s not that you lack time for business development – it’s that you choose not to do it, and instead choose to do …Read More

How to Begin Reducing Office Clutter

February 15, 2012

When I ask attorneys in my Time Management seminars if they’ve ever looked at a mess in their office and said aloud (or to themselves) “But I know where everything is,” about half fess up. The reality, of course, is that office clutter takes its toll on your ability to …Read More

Focus on This ONE Thing to Improve Your Practice

February 3, 2012

The immediate deadline.  The call that needs to be made or returned before lunch. The pre-bills that have to be checked this afternoon. The case law that needs to be scoured so the motion can be finished up tonight. The filing that’s due in the morning.  The mediation tomorrow afternoon. …Read More

Use This Part of Speech in Your Bills — Or Else

February 1, 2012

Phone call, .5,  $180.  If you send bills that merely list categories of service, hours, and charges, you’re not only missing an opportunity to educate your clients, you could actually be alienating them. Each bill you send is a powerful communicator of your value. When presented with a bill, clients …Read More

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