Free Resource Guide

Free Resource Guide

These resources have been consistently valuable to my clients as they’ve been developing their practice and growing their firms. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get:

Business Development/Marketing
1        Business Development Self-Assessment    
4        Business Development Outline    
8        Meeting the Inner Challenge of Business Development (Article)    
12      Sample Legal Marketing Calendar    
13      Rainmaking: What it Really Takes to Be a Strong Business Originator (CLE Slides)
28      Marketing Language Shift Grid
29      Developing Your Niche: Discovering the Power of Focus (CLE Slides)    
39      Niche Analysis Tool Part One    
40      Niche Analysis Tool Part Two    
41      Quick Impact List to Gain Trust    
45      Internet Marketing for Lawyers Demystified (CLE Slides)    
53      How to Get the Best Results from Your Internet Marketing Provider (Article)    
64      How to Manager Your Social Media Time Effectively (Article)    
66      Script for Requesting Testimonials from Clients    

Time Management/Productivity
67      Time Management/Productivity Self-Assessment    
71      Daily Planning Checklist    
72      Task Duration Estimate Log    
73      The 80-20 Rule (Article)    
76      Steps of Successful Delegation    
78      Top 25 Productivity Roadblocks Self-Assessment    
79      Daily To-Do List Template        
80      Effective Meetings Checklist    
81      Time Management: 8 Keys to Success (CLE Slides)    
100    The 8 Keys Tent Card    
101    Ten Best Practices of Email Efficiency Summary Page    
102    Top Time Saving Email Tips    
106    Taming the Email Monster (CLE Slides)    
117    Top 12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Lawyer    

Staff Management and Life Balance
119    Staffing Success: Finding and Keeping Great People (Article)    
125    Characteristics of High Performing Teams    
126    Wheel of Life Self-Assessment    
127    What Am I Tolerating Self-Assessment

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I maintain a deep library of hundreds of best-of-breed checklists, templates, guides, and white papers on every aspect of managing a legal practice and law firm, from lawyer marketing plans, to hiring process checklists, to alternative fee engagement letters.

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