The Thriving Small Law Firm: How to Build, Manage and Sustain Success

Why do some small law firms thrive, and others fail? Lawyers with thriving firms achieve success intentionally by practicing seven fundamental areas of law firm development. Jointly, these seven areas constitute practice development. It’s not enough to hang your shingle and hope for business. To succeed, you must proactively engage in practice development. During this resource-rich program targeted to small and solo firms, attendees will learn the importance of each of these steps and use self-assessments and checklist to pinpoint where and how to focus their improvement efforts. Attendees will learn fundamental principles and specific actions to take in each of these seven essential areas. The panel will also address the ethical issues involved in practice development.

This program will take place in two 2-hour sessions, one week apart. It will allow participants a week to practice specific skills using guided exercises that will be taught in the first session, and to bring their observations and questions to the second session.

Program Outline:

– Taking or Declining Cases
– Establishing Firm Values
Business Development
– Building Visibility and Credibility
– Setting Aside Time for Business Development
– The Client Pipeline
– The Power of Niching
– Advertising
Productivity/Time Management
– Importance of Daily Planning and Scheduling
– E-Mail Management
– Handling Interruptions
Financial Management
– Fee Setting
– Strong Billing Practices
– Budgeting and Spending
 •  Building and Keeping a Great Team
– Composing a Team
– Supervision
– Cultivating a Positive Culture
– Train, Manage and Coach
Client Service
– Screening Clients
– Client Communications
– Identifying Technology Programs You Should be Using to Integrate Your Practice
– Cloud Access
– Understanding How Technology Can Help Your Workflow


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