Leadership Development

The “Success” Behaviors You Should STOP Doing Today

Successful people take action, right?  Leaders apply certain principals to get results.  Top performers do certain things to rise above the pack.  Successful law firm leaders tend to excel at rainmaking and/or practice management. Indeed, when we think about successful people, we naturally think about the things they do that …Read More

Your Attitude Toward Yourself (Part 5 of 6)

 Your Attitude Toward Yourself  Not surprisingly, your attitudes about business development, marketing, and time management are shaped by how you see yourself and the world around you. And in turn, these flow from a complex mix of inherited traits, learned behaviors, unconscious beliefs, emotions, and a lifetime of experiences. You …Read More

Improve Your Firm’s Performance with the Three Golden Clarifications

You’ve been waiting for Alex, your associate, to get back to you on the Smith file. You: “Alex, what’s happening with those interrogatories?”  Alex: “I’m working on them.”  You: “AAAANNND??” We hear it often: clients expressing frustration with a colleague or staff member who did not do what was expected.  …Read More

30 Suggestions to Improve Your Legal Writing

There’s an excellent list of resources on Plain Language and the Law at PLAIN (Plain Language Association International). One of the best articles is LEGAL WRITING 201: 30 SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE READABILITY (OR, HOW TO WRITE FOR JUDGES, NOT LIKE JUDGES) Read it here: https://www.plainlanguagenetwork.org/Legal/legalwriting.pdf Setting aside the debate as to …Read More

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