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Practice Development Quick Reads for December 2017

How People-Pleasing Holds Lawyers Back If you ever find yourself prioritizing what others want over what you know would be the best course of action for yourself, you’re people-pleasing. Kara Loewentheil offers some good suggestions for recognizing this damaging behavior and changing it.     Send Four Thank Yous As my longtime… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for September 2017

Five Tips on Hiring an SEO Firm for Your Law Practice Too many firms pay good money for a nice site but then make the costly mistake of letting it sit, unchanged for weeks or months (or, heaven forfend) years at a time. Effective, ongoing SEO is the best way… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for July 2017

How To Reduce Distractions In A Constantly Connected World It has become harder than ever to live mindfully in our continuously connected environment. The onslaught of data is relentless, and yet is largely within our control to regulate for ourselves. If you find it challenging to turn off the firehose… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for June 2017

How To Stop Treating Conversation Like Cross-Examination Do you find yourself becoming adversarial in simple conversations with family members and friends? Unless you’re steeped in the art and science of mediation, you’ve been conditioned, as an attorney, to approach discussions within a construct of offense and defense. Here, Kara Loewentheil… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for March 2017

Six Ways To Jump Start Your LinkedIn Network An excellent and quick (yet still substantive) article on how you could be — how you should be — using LinkedIn to grow your practice by growing your network.   10 Steps To A Practical Lawyer Business Development Plan Too many lawyers… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for September 2016

Accurate Self-Appraisal or Imposter Syndrome: Why You’re Wise to Know the Difference Realistically understanding your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve your performance where desired indicates a healthy mental/emotional mindset. Continuously wrestling with subtle self-doubt, fear, or unworthiness indicates you may be dealing with “imposter syndrome.” It’s surprisingly common… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for August 2016

How to Make Presentation Slides That Win You More Business The quality of your presentation slides is far more important than you think. For both client pitches and seminars, the purpose of using projected visuals is to lock in audience interest, period. Data and text should be distributed in handouts… Read More.

Practice Development Quick Reads for July 2016

What’s It’s Like to Live With You There’s no shortage of articles addressing stress reduction for lawyers. But there aren’t nearly as many articles addressing the stress experienced by those who live with lawyers. Both you and your life partner live with the pressures and analytic/adversarial energies inherent in the… Read More.

Which Type of Procrastination is Easier to Overcome?

As a species, we humans either move toward pleasure or away from pain. Reductionist as that might sound, it nonetheless explains a huge portion of our behavior. And it is quite helpful in understanding the scourge of procrastination. My time management coaching with lawyers confirms what the research shows: there… Read More.

Which Do You Do Under Pressure: RESPOND or REACT?

The very first moment you’re confronted with a challenging situation – that very first instant of recognition – presents a potent but rarely appreciated opportunity to orient yourself in a more effective way than you otherwise might. Whether it’s a relatively minor challenge such as another interruption from an important-but-prickly… Read More.

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